Two (2) Mets Tickets in Caesars Box 326 Row 2, on home-side aisle in Flushing, New York

Two (2) Mets Tickets in Caesars Box 326 Row 2, on home-side aisle
Type: Tickets & Traveling, For Sale

This listing is for a pair of season tickets in one of the best locations in Citi Field for the money: Caesars Box Section 326, in Row 2 on the home-side aisle (seats #1 and #2). These are the club seats on the 3B side, they are always in the shade even for those mid-summer games with a 12:10pm starting time. The Caesars Club is right behind you, and people right across the aisle from you are paying much more.
My up-to-date list of games remaining and "direct sale" ticket prices is here; the prices are per ticket - you are saving big time versus StubHub, basically my season ticket cost in most cases:
Please email, text or call me (in that order of preference) to confirm availability.
I accept payment via PayPal as a personal payment (direct transfer), personal check or cash in an in-person transaction. Please do not use the "goods/services" category of PayPal to send money, that is meant for eBay and incurs about a 3% fee. If you want to pay that way for whatever reason, please add 3%.
For your assurance, I will transfer the tickets to you electronically (via the Mets ticket office) for print-at-home tickets. This guarantees that you receive valid tickets, just as with StubHub. I will be able to do so starting around mid-March.

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