Alessi SR18 High - Definition Drum Machine in Flushing, New York

Alessi SR18 High - Definition Drum Machine
Price: $120
Type: Music instruments, For Sale

Product Information: Travel the world with your drumset in tow and, no, you don't need a trailer to do it. With the Alesis SR18 drum machine, achieving professional sound without a full drum set is not only possible, it is easy and maybe even better. Offering musicians and composers a variety of features and effects that mimic real drums, the SR18 can even plug into other instruments such as electric guitars for instant collaboration and set-up simplicity. Its internal system, which includes Dynamic Articulation Technology, ensures that your music sounds true by modifying and adapting sample sounds as you play them. In addition, the SR18 features an effects engine capable of Alesis reverb, EQ, and compression so that every set you play sounds authentic and lays down perfectly, no matter where you perform it.

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